Preah Sihanouk Cambodia

Preah Sihanouk Province | Sihanouk Ville

Sihanouk Ville Now is changed to Preah Sihanouk Province, is located along the sea and South Western side of Cambodia. It takes about 4 hours by bus from Phnom Penh and it is 250 kilometers. Preah Sihanouk is gradually developed, and a few new towns are under construction. This only international seaport of Preah Sihanouk makes Cambodia develop faster, now it also serves as a port for import, export cargos and tourist cruise boats. The third International airport 'Kang Keng' has been renovated and it was reopened January 15, 2007. Kang Keng airport name has been changed officially to Sihanouk International Airport. Cambodia Angkor Air company has operated their flights 3 times a weeks, start from December 2011 until now.

Holiday in Cambodia

Security at the moment is not a problem for tourists who would like go on vacation. The number of tourists is still low, but it will increase rapidly. White sand beaches are innate and unruffled. Ochheuteal, Sokha, Otress, Independence are popular beaches for sunbathing, snorkeling; swimming and relaxing. Preah Sihanouk Beach is fit to honeymooners who would like to relax. Cambodia Beaches are listed in member of club of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Town of Preah Sihanouk was constructed in 1950 during the French time (1863-1953). It served as a beach and Preah Sihanouk Cambodia industrial town. It is best suited for industrial purposes because cargos are transported in and out every day making this port very busy. The beaches attract local and foreign tourists from Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and overseas. Recently, the International airport of Sihanouk was reopened for tourists from Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Angkor Beer factory produces local beer. There are many companies that like to invest to this region. In the near future new towns will be constructed near the old one.

Preah Sihanouk General Information

Preah Sihanouk Cambodia How to get in?

You can reach Preah Sihanouk from Phnom Penh city by bus or taxi and it takes about 4 hours and costs you around US $7 for bus and $ 80 for private taxi. Also visitors can get in by air plane, it take about 45 minutes by Cambodia Angkor Air. Recently, JC (Cambodia) International Airline Co.; Ltd. which own first owned by local has flights from Siem Reap & Phnom Penh to Preah Sihanouk directly and this will increase the number of tourists. If you visit Kampot and want to continue to Preah Sihanouk it will take just about one and a half hour. Tourists can come to Preah Sihanouk from Koh Kong province, where the international border serves as the doorway between Cambodia and Thailand. Buses and boats can reach Preah Sihanouk from Koh Kong.

Bank & ATM:

ANZ royal bank has a branch in this town. Money can be changed from USD to Riel and other currencies. There are other Cambodian public banks as well. You can freely use credit cards without any problem. There are many ATMs through which you can get money. These ATMs charge 2 US dollars per transaction.

Preah Sihanouk Hotels:

Sokha Beach Resort: You can get good accommodation at Preah Sihanouk. There are many new hotels, resorts, bungalows and guesthouses recently built in this town and along the beaches. The Independence Hotel, built in 1963 is a 4-star hotel with an excellent sea view. The tariff ranges from US $90 to US $250 per room per night. This hotel owned the Independence beach recently, but it still allows non-guests to this hotel too to swim there. Make sure to book your hotel through ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours. Click here Preah Sihanouk Hotels

Sokha Beach Resort is the only local 5 star hotel in Preah Sihanouk. Stay in Sokha Beach Resort to swim at Sokha Beach, which is the most beautiful beach of Preah Sihanouk Cambodia. Tariff ranges from US $132 to US $260.

Mid-range hotel along Ochheuteal beach is Golden Sand Hotel, with swimming pool. The rooms are clean and food is good. Tariff ranges from US $25 to US $60 US dollars.

Another new Casino Resort is Holiday Palace Resort, it changed location to Independence beach, near Independence hotel. Price rank from $25 to over $100 depends on category you will choose.

Preah Sihanouk Attractions:

What to do and see?

Preah Sihanouk Cambodia

Besides swimming and snorkeling, at the beaches, tourists can do their diving at Remote Islands to see varieties of fishes and others marine creatures. Price of diving with professional guide is 70 US dollars. You can also hire water motorbikes at US $30 per hour. If you want to just drink and chill out you need to visit Otress beach, because it is a calm private beach.

Ochheuteal beach:

is the most popular beach for swimming and driving (water Moto). This beach is calm, sand is white, and tourists can stay until midnight. Local and foreign tourists swim here together. Restaurants and bars are located along the beach; BBQ of sea food is the mostly served food at lunch and dinner. Boat trip to the Preah Sihanouk Cambodia islands can be organized by local agents and the price varies depending your negotiation skills. Internet cafes can also be found at Ocher Teal.

Sokha beach:

This beach is owned by Sokha Beach Resort, the only 5 star hotel in Preah Sihanouk. This beach is the most beautiful of all beaches of Cambodia. Locals are allowed to swim there; it is also reserved for tourists who stay at Sokha beach resort. Sand and water is white and clean, calm.

Preah Sihanouk Cambodia

7 Chann beach (Independence beach):

Named after the hotel which was built during the French time, 7 Chann that means 7 stories of the hotel building. Presently the hotel has enlarged their beach line about 500 meters. This Beach is not reserved only for the guests of the Independence Hotel. It also provides to public of the best atmosphere for the honeymooners.

Otress beach:

It is 10 minutes drive by motorbike or vehicle from Ocher Teal beach. This beach is still natural and calm. Tourists enjoy their vacation here, because there are not so many people like Ocheu Teal beach. The restaurants & the bars that are located along the beach have friendly staff. This beach is clean & has beautiful sunsets.

Ream Beach:

The Khmer movie, “Snam Sne Samut Ream”, was filmed here. This beach is quiet, very few people swim here, because it is far from town. There are many restaurants with hammock for welcoming the tourists. The beach located The Southern of Sihanouk International Airport. It is best to have a look after you land. The beaches are decorated by coco nut trees, unfortunately, coconut trees were cut recently, if not it would have a beautiful view during the sunset.

Other beaches and places to see:

There are many more beautiful beaches such as Victory, Hawaï and Samdach Hunsen beach.

Kbal Chay water falls:

You need to set aside a half day for your trip to Kbal Chay water falls and Ream beach together. It is popular falls even among the local people and you can swim here.

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