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Roluos Group Temples

Three temples Preah Ko, Bakong and Lolei, 15km South-East of Siem Reap town, comprise the Roluos Group of monuments. They are closed together and extend over an area of 3km east of Great Lake. The Roluos group, dating from the late ninth century, is the earliest site of the 600-year Angkor Period. The three temples belonging to this important group have similarities of architecture, decoration materials and construction methods which combine to reveal the beginning of "Classic Period of Khmer Art".


Roluos is the name of the village and the site of an ancient center of Khmer civilization known as Hariharalaya meaning the "abode of Hari (Visnu) and Hara (Siva)". After Jayavarman II established his capital to Hariharalaya, perhaps for a better source of food or for defence purposes. He died at Roluos in 850. It is generally believed that his successor remained there until the capital was moved to Yasodharapura in 905.

Preah KO Temple

Sacred Bull

  • Preah KoDate: Late ninth century (879)
  • Reign of construction: King Indravarman I (877-889)
  • Religion: Çivait temple, built for king's ancestors
  • Clearing Work: G. Trouvé in 1932
  • Art Style: Preah Ko

Lay Out:

The center of the temple of Preah Ko is a group of six towers in two rows, built on a common terrace; it is enclosed by a first square wall of 60m each side. The second wall is 95m each side; it has the same entrances and encloses the library and annexes of mixed construction. The outer enclosure is 800m by 450m and doubtless a fence of stakes.

The three towers in the front row are for paternal ancestors with male guardians flanking the door ways. The three in the back row are for maternal ancestors. Those ancestors were named as Gods and goddesses and Çiva Lingas were installed, representing the paternal ancestors.

  • Sri Thivindresvara for father.
  • Sri Thivindradevi fo mother.
  • Sri Paramesvara for Jayavarman II.
  • Srir Dharanindradevi for the wife of Jayavarman II.
  • Sri Rudresvara for materanl grand father.
  • ...................for maternal grand mother.

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