Lolei Temple Cambodia

Lolei Temples

  • Date: end of the 9th century (893)
  • Reign of construction: Yaçovarman I (889 approx 910)
  • Cult: Brahmanism (Çivait), in memory of the King's ancestors.
  • Art Style: Transitional between Preah Ko and Bakong

The temple of Lolei, which like the Mebon, occupies an island in the middle of the artificial lake (Baray Indratadaka), only the two tiered pyramid with four of the six towers which had been planned, remain intact. The four towers are, contrary to normal practice and in spite of the fact that the first plan was abandoned, completely finished. Now they are very badly ruined. A sandstone channel in the shape of a cross situated in the centre of the four towers. The channel extend in the cardinal directions from a square pedestal for Linga.

It is speculated that holy water poured over the Linga flowed in the channels. According to an inscription found at the temple, this Baray used for irrigation the area of Hariharalaya.

The king Yaçovarman I: the first founder of the city Yaçodharapura. Birth Name : Yaçovardhana, when he came to the throne he was named Yaçovarman. He ordered to build 100 hermitages called Yaçodharacrm for every province in the whole country.

According to the stele at Sdok Kok Thom "Paramaçivaloka had founded Yaçodharapura and he also brought Devaraja from Hariharalaya and installed in the new city". "Royal Chaplain Vamaçiva had installed Devaraja in the middle of the city". Central Mount is Phnom Bakheng for installation of Linga Yaçodhareçvara (893)

He also ordered to build the Eastern Baray: Yaçodharatadaka (7000m by 1800m) for the purpose of water supply. On the southern bank of this Baray he also built pilgrimages for religious purposes.

  • Brahmanasrm for Çivait vehicle
  • Vaisnasrm for Viçnuit vehicle
  • Saugatasrm for Buddhism

He began to build some temples:

  • Sikhariçvara on the Preah Vihear Mountain, dedicated to Çiva.
  • Bhadreçvara at Çivapura (Phnom Sandok) On Phnom Bok dedicated to Trimurti.
  • On Phnom Krom dedicated to Trimurti.
He was dead at 910 and got the posthumous name "Paramaçivaloka".

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