Cambodian Cultural Village Tickets

Cambodian Cultural Village situated in Siem Reap province along the road number 6 distanced 3 Km from International Siem Reap Airport and 5 Km Angkor Wat temple the world heritage with 210.000 square meters complexes.  CCV assembles all the miniatures of famous historical buildings and structures, local customs and practices of all races. There are 13 unique villages, which represent difference cultural heritages with 8 scenes of show performance. At each scene, the tourist will be able to enjoy with traditional dancing perform by our dancers that suitable to find out, the  lifestyle landmark providing completed facilities and recreation services for both tourists and local community. Just a half day visit Cambodian Cultural Villages such as travel over Cambodia and getting to know about Cambodia, Cambodia Culture, Cambodia ethnic, Khmer Traditional, the significant people in Cambodia and more.

The village where you can find all the significant people in Cambodia. Come and visit us, it like you have traveled all over Cambodia in haft day. Cambodian Cultural Village welcomes the visitors all around the world.

Dancing Show Program
Place Program Time

Millionaire House

Khmer Wedding Ceremony I

Break Time

New- theater

Mixed Khmer Traditional show

Break Time


Charming of Phahum


Millionaire House

Khmer Wedding Ceremony II


Chinese Village

Mixed Chinese Traditional show (Mon- Thu)

Happy Chinese Dancing show (Fri - Sat - Sun)

Kroeung Village

Choosing Fiancé

Visit Judgment Tunnel & Ghost House

Kola Village

Dreamy prince s daughter and Magic peacock


Big Theater

The greatest King Jayavarman 7 (Fri - Sat - Sun )


Cambodian Cultural Village Contact Number

H/P : +855 12 630 634

Cambodian Cultural Village

Includes Adult Price Online Booking
+ Show Ticket
+ Transfer from and back to your hotel
Includes Adult Price Online Booking
+ Show Ticket
+ Transfer from and back to your hotel
+ Buffet Dinner


  • Pick up time: upon request

  • Buffet Dinner Time start from: 6:00PM

  • Show Start time: check above schedule

  • Children >1.40 Meters tall are full price of adult

  • Children <10 years old or <1.40 Meters are free of charge for tickets

  • Children 3 to 9 Years old charge for dinner/lunch $5

  • Allow to take photography

  • Prices are Nett in US Dollar

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