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Cambodia Weather : Cambodia is situated in Southeast Asia, lying between 10 to 13 degrees north of the equator. The country has two types of monsoon which in turn produce two kinds of season, namely- the wet season and the dry season.

During the months from October to April Cambodia experiences the dry season. The dry season includes three cooler months with temperatures of twenty to twenty eight degrees Celsius, followed by the three months of hot summer with temperatures of twenty nine to thirty five degrees Celsius. The cold season is the more enchanting for both flora and fauna. Therefore tourists prefer to visit Cambodia during the cold season in the months from November to January. Some tourists, however, prefer visiting in the summer season to enjoy the hot weather.

Cambodia Climate: From the end of the April to the month of September it rains almost every evening, but the mornings are fresh and bright. Cambodia is able to welcome its tourists even during the rainy season because it never rains continuously throughout a day, but just for a few minutes or hours. Therefore tourists can enjoy their stay even during the rainy season. In the month of August, it never rains and so tourists may easily explore the beauty of Cambodia at this time.

The average temperature of Cambodia is around 27 to 28 degrees Celsius which is a suitable Cambodia temperature for tourists to enjoy. During the rainy season temperatures might range from 20 to 27 degree Celsius. During the summer months the climate can become very hot. up to 35 degrees Celsius. Every day there might be a little fluctuation in the temperatures and climate but still tourists flood the cities of Cambodia to enjoy the enchanting scenic beauty of nature, lakes, vegetation, buildings, and monuments, which welcome the visitors with their rich culture.

Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia

Cambodia has too much beauty on earth to discovery before die. Angkor Wat temple is in Siem Reap Cambodia the largest Hindu building that was established by human being.

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