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Siem Reap

Really good and organized tour. They were prompt with the time schedule. The restaurants they picked served us good food. Special mention to our guide, Borey. He is very informative with all the facts about Cambodia. He was very kind, respectful and friendly. He took very good care of our group of 10. A wonderful man.

Reviewed 4 days ago by hhtam414 from Tripadvisor.com

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We booked a 5 day tour with Asiavipa. Mr Vivath was marvellous and our assigned guide Mr Borey was a font of history and mythology and information. All our lunches and dinners were pre-arranged and went from delicious to extraordinary. The entire team was highly accommodating, the cold water and wipes highly appreciated during these five days of scorching sun and massive sweating. I could book another 5 days with this outfit simply because the days were just too short to absorb this faultlessly organised experience. If you want to experiences at its best and most interesting, then go with asiavipa. It sounds expensive at first, but when you break down all the perks it is just marginally more expensive than booking private day trips (which do not include all the meals)

Reviewed May 23, 2017 by BiancaTLS from Tripadvisor.com

star 4 Stars

family vacation

they are so accommodating!!! feels like long lost friend!...never a dull moment....will recommend to my friends who are planning to visit combadia too!

Reviewed April 2, 2017 by Merci R from Tripadvisor.com

star 5 Stars

Amazing Experience

Our trip was made easy and comfortable. Everything was well planned, even if we had a short stay we wer able to maximize our experience. The guide and the driver are really nice and accomodating to all our needs. They were never late and we manage to stay in schedule in all our activities. Their itinerary was really great and the places where we ate were awesome!

Reviewed March 31, 2017 by kevin_rivera85 from Tripadvisor.com

star 5 Stars

We booked a 3 day tour of Siem Reap through ASIA VIPA not knowing what to expect. When the three days were over we looked back on the entire experience and were extremely pleased with everything ASIA VIPA did for us. There were no glitches any where along the way. The tour company owner was at the hotel when we arrived (our guide and driver having met us on time at the airport). He went over everything and got us started. Our tours were excellent and even had time factored in for a return to the hotel to rest some after the morning tours. This was something we first thought was unnecessary but soon learned it was critical to our enjoying both the morning and afternoon tours. The transportation was clean and comfortable The Guide was knowledgeable. The hotel was clean and comfortable. All of the meals were in good quality restaurants and even though they were -Fixed Meals- the choices were excellent and they were able to make a few substitutions when we let our preferences be known. If you are going to be in Siem Reap, I strongly suggest you let ASIA VIPA arrange your tour - turn it all over to them and you will do better than if you tried to put all the pieces together yourself.

Reviewed March 21, 2016 by JWin402

star 5 Stars

Made the 5 days 4 nights tour of Cambodia. Arranged it all via email a month ahead with mr Vivath . Everything Very smoothly. Then on arrival mr Vivath met at airport and took us to The hotell. (Tara Angkor). Very nice hotell. Mr Vivath then met up every morning to ensure everything was ok. Good guides and drivers. All the famous temples, 1000 lingas waterfall and other things was very nice. Excellently arranged and I can highly reccommend Asia Vipa tours.

Reviewed December 4, 2015 by Torsten B

star 5 Stars

We recently did a short 2 day tour with your company and Piser was our guide. Thank you for organising the perfect itinerary for us. It was well paced and the driver and Piser were excellent. Piser had a great knowledge and was able to tell us fascinating stories to bring it alive. He took us to the best perspectives for photos and his enthusiasm and love of Angkor Wat were infectious. He could smile for Cambodia. We were met at the airport and dropped off again and your hotel recommendation and choice for lunch and dinner were also very good.

Reviewed October 9, 2014 by sarah k

star 5 Stars

Right from my first instance until the last, there were zero regrets with Chhim & his associate Mut Rin who happened to be our Tour Guide. - Mr.Chhim was very responsive in his communication and very adjustable with our timing. - The pricing and the service (Hotel+Choice of Food+transport) were exceptional. - Mr.Mut Rin was a nice gentleman, was very patient with all our rattles and slowness and made us visit all the places. - We were vegan and the food was arranged accordingly to meet our requirements with good choice of menu. - Communication was never a barrier. Both spoke in good English. I will visit the unexplored region of Cambodia again next year through AsiaVipa. I would recommend anyone to use ASIA VIPA if you plan to visit Cambodia for best experience.

Reviewed July 1, 2014 by reachshankar

I had a three day tour of Siem Reap recently. The staff from ASIA VIPA were first class in all respects and looked after me expertly. They went out of their way to make sure i saw and experienced all that was on offer.I fully recommend them to everyone considering a trip. Thanks again Vivath and your team

 Mr. Terence F , Sydney, Australia - Reviewed January 25, 2013

ASIA VIPA ensured that my recent tour in Siem Reap was excellent. The guide Borey was extremely knowledgable and spoke clear english. 

The company ensured every detail was taken care of.

The highlights of the tour included a trip to Preak Tol village and bird sanctuary; a close second was seeing sunrise at Angkor Wat. 

I would not hesitate to use their services again.

 Mr. Tim F , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Reviewed December 21, 2012

My family had a tour for 3 days. We had a wonderful time. The driver and the tour guide,Vivath, were very friendly and approachable. Vivath showed vast amount of knowledge regarding the temple sites we visited (ang kor site) and he was very flexible to change dining venues and the planned schedule to suit our needs. The temples were beautiful and we also loved the resort he arranged for us. We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much, Vivath!

Evelyn , Singapore, Singapore - Reviewed December 17, 2012

My husband and I had a wonderful time in Siem Reap, thanks to the tour guide services provided by Asiavipa. It helped us understand the local culture better and the tour guide explained the history when we toured around the heritage sites locally. It's a must-go destination once in a lifetime. The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming. It's definitely the place I'd like to be back again.

Vivian D , Hong Kong - Reviewed December 7, 2012

 I have been more than impressed with the customer service, the elegant explanations and information by Borey the best tour guide in Cambodia. In short Asia Vipa is fantastic. I would recommend every tourist wanting a high quality service at a reasonably price to use Asia Vipa. But Vivath and his team would be just too busy if that were the case, good luck to you all. Akkun Borey & Vivath and Chantha. I will be back !
 Mr. Bruce Lander , Scotland - Friday 24 Feb 2012  Pax: 1

 I would highly recommend this tour especially tour guide Thy in Siem reap, He made all the tours very interesting and treated us very well. When visiting the Thousand Lingas River, Thy was very kind and helpful looking a few my husband and i. We have enjoyed Cambodia and will recommend this country to our friends and family. riends and family.
 Mrs. June Parsons , Australia - Thursday 23rd Feb 2012  Pax: 2

 I pick up ASIA VIPA among many tour companies because their website provider detailed clearly defined itinerary with the flexibility of choosing hotels. Now the tour is finished, i could say that they delivered what they had promised. They also rearranged the itinerary to suit our particular situation. Our tour guide and driver are find, friendly and knowledgeable. We definitely will recommend ASIA VIPA's Angkor Wat Tour to our family and friends.
C. T Yim , Canada - Thursday 23rd Feb 2012  Pax: 2

 My Cambodian tour couldn't have been any more perfect. My guide, Meas was wonderful ! He explained the history of Cambodia and took me to the most scenic spots within the 4d/3n Angkor tour. He was very accommodating and was a great photographer. I truly enjoyed my experience and would recommend ASIA VIPA Tours to everyone.
Vincent Fernandes , Canada - Thursday 23rd Feb 2012  Pax: 1

 ASIA VIPA Manager: We just completed a 5 day tour of Cambodia and I would like to commend your company for the quality of your employees. Chhim vivath was tremendous to work with in planning the trip. He met all our effectives and also was an excellent tour guide for three days. Hang Borey was excellent and also accommodated all our needs which we were in Siem Reap. Both people were excellent English and were very knowledgeable about the country and history. Our driver was also excellent Thanks for a very exceptional trip in your country.
Ritchie Griffith , US - Tuesday 21st Feb 2012  Pax: 4

 The trip itinerary was well organized. From the start of meeting the tour guide gave us a good friendly reception. The tour guide's English was good and well informed of the tour sites. A lot to see and fair amount of walking due to the site of Angkor Temples. We are satisfied with the whole packages. Overall & would recommend to friends.
 Ben & Lorna Sue , Australia - Tuesday 21st Feb 2012  Pax: 4

 We had very good time. Our guides Vivath & Borey were gentle wonderful. They were knowledgeable about history & culture. They went out their way and helpful  & make our stay enjoyable & comfortable.
 Kanel Parikk , US - 14-21 Feb 2012  Pax: 4

 Very good trip, excellent hotels, guide are to explain and to instruct the custom, very good value for money. Strongly recommended
 Mario Arditi , Italy - 23-28 Jan 2012  Pax: 2

 The services provided by ASIA VIPA were excellent. The provided guide was very knowledgable about the history and culture surrounding the temples around Cambodia. All pick up at hotel and restaurants were prompt. The restaurants for lunch and dinner served very good foods and the two box lunches provided were superb. If the opportunity  arrives again for me to visit Cambodia i would use ASIA VIPA 's services again.
 Isaac Hammons , US - 5-10 Jan 2012  Pax: 1

 Our guide Mr. Thal Sopharithy is very good guide, and know a lot of knowledge of the places. We have go. He also take care of our food and  advices us which places to visit first so that it would not be crowed. And he's very flexible in time and also always on the with our appointment. Mr. Thal spook a very good English too and he's always in & very smiling face. The driver Mr. Meang Chantha is a very good driver too. he's always concentrated on his driving and didn't interfere our discussion with the guide and always give us waters before we get down from car.
Edwardo Reyes , Philipine - 26 -30 Dec 2011  Pax: 2

 Yuthath was the best tour guide. Extremely knowledgeable about the sites and had done historical facts. He explained the context of each site & relevant facts. Before we went in which was very helpful and informative. He also has a great personality - is a lot of than and has a lot of energy. He is very flexible and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable. I would recommend him. He is amazing!
―Prya Dvivedi, USA - 10-16 Dec 2011 Pax: 1

 Tour Very Good. Tour Guide excellent 10 out of 10. Thanks for the experience. Will leave positive comment on Trip advisor.
 Tom Blow , England - 07-14 Dec 2011 Pax: 6

 We spent four nights at Siem Reap and had a great time here. Special thanks to our tour guide guide VIBOL RAK who was splendid & took time to explain everything in detail. The familily had a great time learning about the Khmer history & thanks mainly to our tour guide, VIBOL
―JAY MAYAGERIMATH  , AUSTRALIA - 25-28 Dec 2011 Pax: 4

 We would definitely recommend ASIA VIPA. We did a day "Angkor Rapidly" tour and we got a great sense of all the sights in Angkor and Siem Reap: Our guide was very knowledgeable and professional and more than happy to accommodate any requests we had. The food, hotel, and show arranged by ASIA VIPA were all top notch. Thanks for a wonderful experience in Cambodia.
―Steven Smith  , USA - Saturday 18th June 2011  Pax: 4

 Borey was an excellent guide. Very knowledgeable about the  history of Angkor Wat and related monuments and temples. More importantly he is a student of history and its country together with religion and its symbolism. Borey is an enthusiastic person and a great leader to tour in Siem Reap. Thanks to ASIA VIPA for great driver, car, and guide. Excellent service and a wonderful experience.
 Sumit Mathai , Singapore - 5-6 Nov 2011  Pax: 2

 Great tour and tour guide. We accomplished much in one day. The lunch was good, and the restaurant had a nice view. I would  recommend this tour company highly.
Paulina Meixueiro , Mexico - 5 November 2011  Pax: 2

 Great Place, great tour. We love this country, We love Jack!  Cambodia is great
Justin Budlow , US, Canada, Honduras, Brazil  - 27-30 Oct 2011  Pax: 7

 Overall, we were very pleased with the whole tour. The guide Yuthna was very good and accommodated me well. The driver drove safely and were very polite. the hotel was excellent and the food had good variety.
―Eric Peter  , UK - Saturday 18th June 2011  Pax: 2

 Tour very professional & informative. Visited many temples with excellent description of sites. I would recommend ASIA VIPA to everyone. Accommodation, meals, & our tours outstanding.
One of best tour value, we have had very knowledgeable and accommodation Hotel outstanding meals excellent. I Will recommend ASIA VIPA to everyone who ask about Cambodia.
―Alexander Nolen  , USA - Saturday 18th June 2011  Pax: 6

 We travelled the world from China, India & Egypt to visit temples and pyramids. The Angkor Wat experience rates higher then any other places in the world we visited. Our female guide and driver han make our experience the best. Thank you.
 Mr. & Ms. Rich Vogler & Vicky  , USA - Saturday 18th June 2011  Pax: 2

 We highly recommend this tour company.
The tour guide was very knowledgeable of local culture and history and was prepared to be flexible to meet our needs.
The tour vehicle was very comfortable and the driving was very safe.
We have no hesitation in recommending Cambodia for people who are interested in the culture and history of this beautiful country.
Cambodia people are very friendly and provide excellent services in the tourism industry.
 Mr. & Ms. Ruth Marquis  , Australia - Monday 13th June 2011  Pax: 2

 We had a beautiful Cambodian holiday, thanks to Mr.V & you - Vivath ! We loved every bit of it. Siemreap was captivating and beautiful. The holiday went like a dream, absolutely as planned. Thanks for arranging a lovely trip, you did a great job Vivath ! Regards Anupama, Rajesh & Aditya from Hyderabad, India
―Ms.Anupama Venthurupalli  , India - Saturday 04th June 2011  Pax: 2

 We recently did a two week tour of Cambodia which we organised through AsiaVipa. While organising the trip we spoke to the Owner/Manager, Mr Vivath Chhim, using Skype which made it very easy to communicate. We suggested things we would like to see and Vivath came up with the itinerary. We had our own airconditioned mini van and driver who drove sensibly and Vivath was our tour guide. His English is very good and he is very passionate and knowledgeable about Cambodia.  They have guides who can speak all different languages so can organise trips for everyone. The trip went like clock work and we could still be flexible. We are very lucky and grateful that we came across this tour comapny and we cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you AsiaVipa for a wonderful trip.
Cate Bowdler Brisbane Australia - Thursday 17th Feb 2011  Pax: 5

 Hello Mr Vivath,  Thank you for making our stay in Cambodia in early December '10 such a wonderful experience, we are recommending Cambodia as a destination and Asiavipa to all our friends here. We too would love to come back one day! Mr Ngo Yuthna was a great guide and companion and I do hope that the New Year will  bring lots of Peace, Joy and Good Fortune to both of you.
Am uploading a few pictures on picasa which will be great memories for us. Will send you a link soon.
Best regards 
―Iqbal Kidwai, India - Saturday 22nd Jan 2011  Pax: 6
"Mr. Chhim vivath is extremely knowledgeable about all the monuments in the Angkor Wat region.
In addition he has great organization skills, that makes your stay enjoyable. You can plan your time to visit, shop, etc
I heartily recommend his team to here a good trip.
All the best"
―SAM RAO, USA - Sunday 19 Dec 2010  Pax: 1

We had a wonderful company trip in Cambodia, Thanks largely to vivath, Asia vipa. He is an excellent tour guide, ensuring that our daily trips were filled with information, good food and great care. On hot days, we had ice-cold bottles of water and on rainy days, vivath thoughtfully supplied us with umbrellas. Throughout our trip, we were brought to places we wanted to go to, not to touring shops. And because he was very accommodating and flexible, we could arrange to go for massages, shopping at the local markets and even to restaurants of our choice.
Thanks vivath for wonderful time and for showing us true Cambodia hospitality .
Royal empire hotel: hotel is clean and room are spacious location to the city and night market made it very convenient to move about on our own.
Excellent: location
Very good: security, services, staffs, calm, air condition, cleanliness and overall
―Mr and Mrs. Vivienne Ngiau , Malaysia - Saturday 11 Dec 2010  Pax: 15

 We had excellent  stay, hope in future tender  the same level of service and hospitality we five in the group thanks for the service provided for us,.
Hotel: very good and hope provide same level of service in future.
Excellent: services, cleanliness, overall.
Very good: location, security, staffs, calm, air condition.
―Mr. Pubalasingam Ramathan , Malaysia - Saturday 11 Dec 2010  Pax: 5

 Highly recommended, guides were all very well spoken in all languages, most impressed. Well organized and customized to our personal needs, well done. We are on our second honeymoon after our first  one started with me swapping my foot in two places. I am certain we could not had done or seen half the attractions if we planed out trip ourselves.
We have travelled a lot around the world this is our first guided tour 100% satisfied. Well done
 Mr. Wayne Forrow , New Zealand - Sunday 5 Dec 2010  Pax: 2

An excellent service from booking through to delivery. Always on time, know where to go when to arrived the crowds! I would certainly recommend this agency.
 Our tour guide, Mr. Vivath and the owner of the company, was dependable, knowledgeable, friendly, a very good English speaker, punctual and very accommodating.  He took great care of us and along with the driver, took good care of my mother who couldn't walk very far. The driver was excellent and also knowledgeable, took us everywhere, even to an unplanned event. I found this tour site on the internet and from the first communication, Mr. Vivath answered all our questions promptly.  He was able to organize a splendid tour of all the interests of the area into the very short time we were there (two days).  We especially enjoyed the boat trip to the floating villages.  The Cambodian Cultural Village was the only place where we were too tired. A full day just for that would have been better. The dances we did see were quite entertaining, even if they were all in Khmer. On the day we left he made sure all our luggage fit into the toyota camry which we were taken toPhnom Penh in with some very good drivers.  The trip was very smooth.  Overall, I would recommend Mr. Vivath to anyone visiting Cambodia, and I would use his services again. He was very flexible, even made reservations at a hotel of our choice which was considerably cheaper. Thank you Mr. Vivath!
―Ms. Shiela Wiebe USA - Wednesday 10 November 2010 10:39:07  Pax: 4

This is my 2nd time touring with Asia Vipa to Cambodia. It is a great experience trip with Asia Vipa. Great service, kind attention giver, friendly tour guide (Narin) who explains well to us and also care and nice driver and good quality of T shirt provided and we get to stop by at paddy fields to take photograph and try to experience the lotus seed, which we indeed a great experience. I would recommend to my friends, Asia vipa!
Thanks for the enjoyable and great trip!
Not to forget Mr. Vivath, who promptly and extremely fast in reply my emails, accommodating  my question and and check of itinerary and helpful,
―Jamie loke , Malaysia - Thursday12 August 2010  Pax: 5

ASIA VIPA is a tourist company run by the owner called VIVATH. I like the company quick to respond when we make our booking. The company is very flexible in tailoring the tour program that met our needs. Their price is very reasonable. The tour was fantastic. Vivath who was our guide has very clear knowledge of the Cambodia culture and the temples that we visited. We gained much knowledge from our two day tour here. The tour were on time and shopping wasn't part of the plan and it didn't happen to our desire. The food was fantastic and we enjoyed it very much. ASIA VIPA uses moneybookers.com. So it is a company that you can trust. I would use this tour company in my next visit.
Jonathan Chong   MALAYSIA - August 12 at 23:22 / 2010  Pax: 3

Both my partner and I had the very good fortune to have chosen ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours for a magnificent tour of Cambodia. We wanted to see as much of Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh as we could do in our seven days. I was able to contact Mr. Chhim Vivath via his internet web site and within hours he was able to produce an itinerary that would allow us to see not only what we had targeted as highlights, but many other areas of interest. Chhim was there at Siem Reap airport to greet us and he remained with us for the next week. Not only did he display outstanding knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm, he was personable, friendly and nothing was a problem for him to organize. Having had the good opportunity to travel much of the world, Chhim made this part of our trip truly enjoyable, and highly memorable. I can only say again thank you for a fantastic trip. Mark
Mark Gribble AUSTRALIA - August 5 at 9:27am 2010  Pax: 2

I found Asiavipa by searching on the internet for a 2 day one night visit to Cambodia
Mr Vivath Chhim responded very quickly and through discussions over the internet I booked a tailor made tour and paid through the internet, all very easy and a good price.
My flight from London to Singapore was late and I missed the connection to Siem Reap,  arriving 7 hours later than planned.
Vivath was at the airport to meet me and re-organise the tour to accommodate everything I wanted to see. His big cheery smile was fabulous.
Vivath accompanied me to all the sites and gave interesting detailed explanations of life in Cambodia and the temples we visited. 
The driver was very careful and always punctual.
The food for lunch and dinner was excellent.
I would encourage you to use this tour company if you are planning a visit to Cambodia.
―Ms. Liz Kay  UK -25/June/2010  Pax: 1

We found ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours while searching for Siem Reap Cambodia Tours over the internet. They offered a lot of Siem Reap packages that would suit your needs. We were staying for only 2 full days and nights in Siem Reap and wanted our own itinerary, so i e-mailed ASIA VIPA for possible changes to their 2 day package. Mr. Vivath CHHIM immediately responded to my e-mail and gave us suggestions. He was very flexible to any changes i requested and adjusted his rates accordingly, keeping within our budget. Our negotiations were done through exchange of e-mails only but we got every things settled without problems.
On our arrival in Siem Reap, he was there to welcome us the whole time he would guide us and give us wonderful stones about the sites, the places, the people and Cambodia in general. He would accommodate our requests easily and with a smile.
Thanks to Vivath we had a really great time in Siem Reap. Enjoying the temples especially Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat. We would definitely recommend his services to our friends back in the Philippines.
Cherry Josephine N. Manansala Philippine -05/June/2010  Pax: 7

Great Service, Great tour guide. Follow up everything closely, received SMS before arriving the airport to make sure everything okay. We had a great trip in Cambodia, I am sure will recommend to other friends.
―Ms. Cheri Lai Hong Kong -05/June/2010  Pax: 4

Just wanted to thank you for taking good care of my daughter during their stay in Siem reap.
Their guide & hotel was very good & they had a wonderful time they will remember fondly for many years to come!
I will be recommending your services to friend going to Siem reap in the future.
 Vvonne, U K -16/May/2010  Pax: 2

My husband and I had a wonderful 3 days in Cambodia. Our guide Narin was wonderful, friendly, the best! We hope to see him again. Our driver was lovely, the organization impeccable. Thanks a million to both of them.
 Caroline Godwin, U S A -15/May/2010  Pax: 2

Very good services, the guide tour very nice and he was made me enjoy a lot the weekend. I' m very happy with your services. I would recommend you to my friends.
 Grace, Spain -15/May/2010  Pax: 2

Your service is very professional. Land arrangement is excellent, food in restaurant for lunch and dinner show. The French Speaking guide Mr. Da is excellent for his service. The coach is always on time and good driver. Thank you very much.
Merci beaucoup de votre service, finalement le groupe
a pris fin. Tout le monde est bien content du séjour passer
en Indochine Sienm Reap, un grand remerciement au professionalisme du guide francophone M. Da. Le groupe garde un tres bon souvenir du charme d'Angkor.

Définitivement je referai d'autres groupe sur Siem Reap
d'ici l'annee prochaine.
 Ley Lai Thi Ken Richard, French Polynesia― 15/May/2010  Pax: 32

We enjoy very much our trip in Siem Reap. Our guide is very enthusiast and help us a lot to understand the beauty and culture of Cambodia. Hotel service is fine. The dinner is nice. All the meals are really good. Thanks ASIA VIPA for your services.
 Le Thu Ha, Vietnam― 15/May/2010  Pax: 5

Thank you very much for showing us your beautiful country, The tour support our expectation, so we recommend your work for every body from now.
The guide and driver were always trying to help, explain and everything was OK.
JULIAN URQUIZAMexico― 16/March/2010  

1)- The tour coverage arranged by ASIA VIPA is very comprehensive and good.
2)- The tour guide is very knowledgeable and friendly. He try his very best to fulfill our requests.
3)- Meals provided throughout our tour are good. The Tonle Chaktomuk Restaurant offers good varieties of Khmer foods.
CAROLINE LAI / JOYCE LEONG, Malaysia― 16/March/2010  

We enjoyed the days here. Valuable information about history and culture, about people life. Hotel good for 4 star standard, well equipped rooms. Careful driver from point to point. Punctual at any time.
Would book with this company again.
HANS D. Lutz, Germany― 16/March/2010  

My husband and I spent a very interesting and pleasant 5 days in Siem Reap. The service from Asia Vipa was excellent, with the impressive local and historical knowledge of our guide, Vivath, a highlight of the tour. All aspects of our stay in Siem Reap were taken care of expertly and we will certainly recommend Asia Vipa to anyone visiting Cambodia.
―Mrs. Jennifer Kershaw & Murray & Jennifer KershawAustralia― 03/07/2010  

The itinerary prepared for us by Mr. CHHIM VIVATH, our guide, was well balanced and covered all major sites around Siem Reap. He proved himself to be very knowledgeable about Cambodian History, punctual and very reliable. He also offered many interesting insights into the every day life of Khmer people.
We highly recommend his professional services to anyone interested in learning about this country’s history and its people.
Edward Pilatowicz, U.S.A― 02/05/2010  

The tour was under taken through Internet. I spent many hours and finally chose ASIA VIPA Travel.
  • Cost for private tour for 2 people was very reasonable, for 3 day packages. It covered the most important points.
  • Mr. Vivath was very prompt and I had excellent communication. He is extremely courteous and a pleasure to deal with my views of the tour.
  • We are given Mr. Narin as the guide. He is knowledgeable, courteous and overall and excellent guide. His information was authentic.
  • Allowed Flexibility because we requested for a change.
  • Mr. Narin took all the care to make it safe and extremely pleasant.
  • Lunch and dinner was arranged in quality restaurants.
  • Vehicle arranged was excellent with courteous driver
Conclusion: I strongly recommend this tour agency “ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours” without any hesitation.
Dr. D.V.R. REDDYIndia― 02/05/2010  

Very Good service. We appreciate it
 ―Jimmy YeungHong Kong― 02/05/2010  

Excellent quality of service – gave us endless details about the history of the temples as well as Cambodia. Very insightful through this, we learnt very interesting details about the historical sites. Punctuality – very punctual and always on time and there when we set the time to meet. Extremely polite and courteous – greet us every time we meet - Job well done. Able to answer all of our questions with substantial answers and makes it very interesting to talk about – Entertained us throughout the journey with up to date topics that we could share our opinions on.
 ―Judy LowSingapore― 02/05/2010  
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ASIA VIPA had arranged our tour well, covering many interesting sights and at a leisurely speed. Our tour guide, Samneang, is very knowledgeable and speaks good English. Our driver, Vireak, is very patient in waiting for us and he also shares with us many stories on Cambodian life. Our car has strong air conditioning and is comfortable. We have good meals throughout our stay and we prefer the "à la carte" meals to the buffet meals as more authentic Cambodian fare.
We will recommend ASIA VIPA to our friends and enjoyed our stay very much.

―Kai Ru Ho, Malaysia― 12/18/2009  

Hi Vivath,

I spoke with my client Mark and Sachiko Bands. They would like to extend their sincere thanks to Hindah, your most patient and kind tuk tuk driver. They are very happy with his service. Please advise Hindah how appreciative Mark and Sachiko is during their last visit that they just keep mentioning his name during my entire post-trip conversation with them.
Thank you so much for arranging it for me as well. I’ll surely get in touch with you for my next trips.

―Ronnie ValerioSingapore― 12/18/2009  

We recommend ASIA VIPA Travels most highly. All aspects of our tour were handled efficiently and effectively. The advice we were given when planning our tour was very helpful, and our queries were answered promptly. The staff meeting us at the airport and taking us on our tours were extremely pleasant, helpful and informative.
The recommendations we were given on hotels were good and enabled us to choose an excellent hotel that suited our budget. ASIA VIPA Travels ensured we had a superb trip to Siem Reap and Angkor, and were worth every cent!

Mr. John + Margaret Green, UK― 12/12/2009  

Mr. Vivath is trustworthy and is well versed in the rich history and culture of Cambodia. He has enabled my family to experience the best of Angkor while adding his personal touch in accommodating our needs and wishes. He is truly the right person to look for to guarantee a great time in Siem Reap.
Many heartfelt thanks, Mr. Vivath!

Mrs. Vivier Ang, Singapore― 12/12/2009  

I will recommend your Tour. Good selection of restaurants. Kindness of the guide and driver. Marvelous temples in Siem reap area.
I passed 3 days of fine holidays.

Mr. LE MARTIN, France― 10/27/2009  

"I used Asia Vipa Travel & Tours during a week-long visit to Siem Reap and Pnom Penh in August 2009. I cannot express enough how impressed I was with the attention to detail and service provided by Vipa, and would strongly recommend them. As a busy working-person with limited time to research and organise a trip like this myself, I really needed a company to take care of all of the details for me, to ensure I didn't need to worry about any of the hotel/ meals and local travel arrangements and to ensure I was given a personal guide to some of the history and culture of Cambodia. The big differentiator between Vipa and other travel company's, is that this is staffed by local people who take care and pride in sharing their own personal experiences with you. If you're lucky enough to get Vivath himself, his personal attention to detail and to making sure your trip and experiences are exactly what you wanted, is first class. Vipa will tailor-make your itinerary to exactly what you want to see and experience and leave enough flexibility for you to change something on the day, or do something extra. They offer you a wide-choice of accommodations to suit your individual budgets (unlike many tour operators) and will personally ensure you spend as much time as you want to in the various places of interest, whether it be the magnificent temples, or the more chilling and moving experiences, including the  Landmine museum in Siem Reap, or the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields, both in Pnom Penh. I felt enriched following my visit, and I know I could never have found the time to put this all together myself and experience what I did, without Vipa's help. Thank you very much and I will certainly use Vipa again on a future return visit.

Kevin Chowdhay, Singapore― 08/30/2009  

  • Excellent tour
  • Excellent tour guide and driver
  • attentive to our needs
  • provided us with a lot of historical information
  • We really enjoyed our time in Siem Reap

Shorman Chin, Hong Kong― 07/14/2009

Vivath offers a comprehensive and enjoyable tour of the temples of Angkor Wat. Experiencing local food and culture is also a highlight of the tour. Vivath gives an extensive unique and personal insight into more recent Cambodian History and its impact on the local people and families. We also found him very helpful in resolving small difficulties encounterred in our visit to Siem Reap. Thanks Vivath!

 Rob Crossley & Michelle Jefferies, Australia ― 05/30/2009

Thanks for this perfect tour package. Offerred and booked by e-mail without any problems, we enjoyed this tour from begin to end. We appreciate the perfect timing, pick up at the airport, transportation in a comfortable car with A/C, delicious meals at good places and a very good itinerary to visit the main attractions in 2, 1/2 days. The same we enjoyed the accommodation at Bopha-Angkor Hotel. It is a very nice little hotel with a beautiful tropical garden and pool. We had a very good Asian style room with excellent working quiet AC. The staff was very friendly and helpfull. Special thanks to our tour guide Mr. NIN. He showed us every point of interest and explain all the beautiful buildings and the historical backgroud. He is a very friendly, perfect English speaking guide, who know every stone in this area. He had an answer for each of our questions. And thanks to the driver too. We felt every safe! The tour package has a good value and reasonable price. We will recommend it to all our friends. Thanks a lot. (We give you 5 stars for this tour package ).

BARTRAM, THOMAS & EDITH, Germany ― 05/15/2009

Vivath is a great guide and a very friendly open hearted person, into deph knowledge on Cambodian and angkor history. He is very well organized and punctual. We can highly recommend Vivath's services.

Erich Gassner, Austria ― 05/15/2009

Cambodia ToursThe group and I, personally, were most satified with organization including programms, food arrangements and staff (driver and guide). We would like to thanks Mr. Vivath for his exertise and politeness during the whole stay. Noted excellent. Thank you.

Miklos Molnar, Hungary ― 02/27/2009

A great holiday! The Guide was informative and did not rush us. The driver was skillful and always on time. The entire tour exceeded our expectation and we would use Asia VIPA again. 
Driver: Vireak
Guide: Mr. Kao 

Audra Hussy, Canada ― 02/27/2009

Our family of four contacted Mr. Vivath to arrange several days of touring the temples and other attractions in and around Siem Reap.  His flexibility and good cheer in accomodating our requests meant we all had a relaxed and informative trip, including our children ages 12 and 5.  With the great variety of accomodations, relaxed atmosphere, and ability to customize an itinerary with a local guide, Siem Reap is a great family destination.

Alan Cannon, Tokyo Japan ― 02/27/2009

Simply entertaining, very historical and culturally educating, but at tries over whelming, spectators temples and view a very colorful people. I had a great experience, Nin is a great person and patient guide very detailed in hisstories. We are all happy and had fun.
Tour service is very good – Mr. Nin was very accommodating hospitable and very perfect to explain to us the wonder and Cambodia knowledge in history is very good. Accommodation and food is very good as well depicting nature traditional Khmer cuisines. Cambodia is very much in history and we hope to come back stay longer.
Two thumps up for Mr. Nin!!!!
Customer orientation is very good that Mr. Nin and Mr. Torn good at and their way to make the guests happy.

Rachelle Enriquez, Philipine ― 01/15/2009

Thank you! For arranging a memorable holiday for my family
Mr. Mean Ley our tour guide was not only professional and knowledgeable, he was flexible and most helpful. We experienced “history brought to life” I am must grateful for our tour guide and the Asia Vipa network that helped find my “lost” tour pass. It was found and returned almost immediately, we appreciate our guide’s alertness in safeguarding our beginnings while we lost ourselves is trying to capture “Siem Reap”. We have seen many other tourist who have come and gone and missed many important and interesting details about “Siem Reap” a lot of valuable insights and tips were shared with us to make the holiday even more value added. I was pleased with our tour driver as well as he was a good example of the best amang “Siem Reap” driver, displaying safety, courtesy and patience whilst ferrying as from destination to destination.....

Jo Thum, Malaysia ― 01/15/2009

Excellent and well planned tour! Fast and accurate information at booking from Mr. Vivath.
Our guide Mr. Nin was very good. He took his mission being our teacher in Hindu and Buddhist legends seriously and with great patience he actually managed to teach us a lot. He was also very flexible to our wishes when organizing our days in Siem Reap. The visit to Cambodian farm-home was realty appreciated, Very good driving by Mr. Gun, who also served us with water with a smile all the time.
The food was best at the first lunch-place, but ok also at the other places. The Hotel (Royal Angkor Resort) was also very good. Excellent breakfast and very nice pool-area, some services like laundry unfortunately so overpriced that we refrained from using them.  

―Bengt Lindberg, Sweden ― 01/01/2009

We had a great time in both Phnom Penh & Siem Reap. Our guide “Som” in Phnom Penh is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge period. He impressed us with his knowledge & candor and helps us appreciate and feel the history. 
In Siem Reap, our guide “Nin” though young is no less knowledgeable and very responsive to questions and participative in cultural exchanges. 
Accommodation in Phnom Penh was clean though a bit out of the way of most places. Breakfast at Mittapheap Hotel was simple but adequate – liked the strong coffee + fresh baguettes, amongst s others. In Siem Reap, we stayed at Royal Empire Hotel, new & delightful, furnished with teak finishes in modernist decor, Great pool area for outdoor breakfast – is cool <20˚ c in the Dee mornings >. Food at breakfast gets you by for the morning. Most lunches & dinners arranged by Vivath, the owner of Asia VIPA Travel & Tours is a good mixture of Khmer, Thai & local faces, some at great ambience settings. Overall a great experience.

―GP TE , Malaysia ― 12/15/2008

Hotels and dinners were excellent. Show were very nice. Point of important, les time in hotel & more time in the temples on the first day. Second day was very nice, beautiful temples. We had a very nice time. Angkor Wat is amazing. About the tour, when our car broke down there was another car ready very soon afterwards. Very good service. And they were also very kind to accompany us to the bank.

―Helmie Van Lith , Netherlands ― 11/30/2008

Excellent séjpour et visites grâce à l'organisation, la disponibilité, la gentillesse de Vivath.


―JORRE , France ― 11/28/2008

Itinerary for the trip was well planned out by company. Due to the hot weather, opportunities for resting back at the hotel ensured we were well rested and refreshed and ready to continue with the program. Cold bottled water was much appreciated.
The guide was very enformative and shared with us much of the rich history of his fascinating country. The pleasant smilles and friendliness of him and the driver made this trip an enjoyable one.

―Monica LO , Canada ― 10/06/2008

It was a great travel arranged by Asia VIPA, its tour guide has a very good English and they really selected the best of Angkor to visit in Just 2 days.

― Pablo Chirinos , Mexico ― 10/04/2008

Mr. Chhim,

I am just writing to you to thank you for organizing the perfect guide, all three of us had a great time and Mr Nin was excellent and very friendly, this was definitely the highlight of our holiday. Please pass on our warmest thank you to Mr Nin and also our excellent driver.

― Will Binnie, UK ― 04/03/2008

Thanks to your helpful services and Ung Raksa (your amazing, articulate and delightful guide) I had a fantastic time in Siem Reap. From the minute I stepped off the plane, your service made my experience enjoyable, educational and facinating. I will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues. Thanks again,

― Julie Graham, USA ― 09/26/2007

Vivath has introduced Sak Samnang as our tour guide for our visit in Siem Reap. Bright and knowlegable. Dependable. Could not make our visit to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom without his service.

― Gigi, USA ― 2/8/2007

chhim vivath es una empresa seria que esta empezando con el turismo espanol, lo cual es de agradecer ya que por este lugar nadie se esfuerza con la lengua espanola, de que sirve visitar los templos de Angkor si no hablas ingles y no tienes quien te explique la historia de estas fantasticas piedra, lo dicho, bien por chhim vivath, tu estancia en Siem Reap sera mas grata gracias a ellos te lo facilitan todo y a unos precios razonables, que visto lo que hay aqui no es poco.

― leo, espana ― 11/22/2006

My husband and I had Vivath as our tour guide in Siem Reap in Jan. 2006 and he was fantastic! He has a deep knowledge of the temples and was wonderful about sharing insights into the Khmer culture. He geared the pace of the tour to our needs and was very accommodating. We highly recommend his services.

Jenn Hoang, USA ― 11/16/2006

A most memorable and comprehensive week´s tour for our 2 families (a party of 10 made up of 4 adults and 6 energetic children aged between 6 years old and 14 years old, so it wasn´t easy by any means!) One family flew in from Singapore and the other from Japan, and on different days as well, but Vivath in his "laid-back" manner organised things so well, it went swimmingly. The hotel was friendly and comfortable, food delicious, tour itinerary marvellous, Vivath (and San the driver, a super and steady driver at that) greeting us each morning with smiles on their faces inspite of a couple of wet days.........cultural education with great fun, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Highly recommended, and absolutely great value-for-money using locals, which we totally approve of!

― GIBB Family, n/a, England/Spain ― 9/24/2006

Vivath together with his driver Ron were a superb team. We engaged his services for a 3D/2N tour of Siem Reap although we stayed 5D/4N and found him to be very accommodating and knowledgeable guide. We had the opportunity to try Khmer

― Mr , N/A, Cyberjaya, Malaysia ― 9/2/2006

Vivath is an excellent guide and tour cordinater. our party was 2families(10peaple including 6 children) he organaized our one week stay very well. We learned a lot!about this historic town.(Thank you very much.Vivath.)If someone is considering to trip to this place, he is the one you must contact! You will have the most memorable holiday. We recom!

― sakow family, japan ― 8/20/2006

Vivath, a very bright tour guide ! His service is beyond my expectation, with very reasonable charge. As I am from Malaysia [can't spent like westerner ], I was looking for cheap but good package. Here. on this web site , I came across this young man, whom I make friend with even before I arrive Siem Reap. His package is highly recommanded. He can arrange for U to C even real APSARA.

Jong Tze Hiong, Malaysia ― 6/27/2006

Excellent service and good tour. Anybody will feel comfortable to go around with this guy "VIVATH". He seems like can answer whatever you ask regarding Angkor's history and Khmer culture. Well done, Vivath.

― Billy Tenh, Dynasty Inn, Malaysia ― 6/1/2006

Nous avons utilisé les services de Vivath pendant 5 jours. Le séjour a été merveilleux. Vivath connait énormément de choses sur Angkor, est d'une grande gentillesse et les discussions sont toujours très intéressantes. Merci

Migneco Octave, France ― 4/25/2006

I was with Mr. Vivath during 3 month touring and working together for my studies in a wonderful experience. Friendly and the very best well known of the Angkor site and his own Khmer culture. Vivath, I hope to see you again soon!

Carlos Abellanosa, Spain ― 3/12/2006

I have used Vivath's services as a guide during my stay in Siem Reap. Thanks to him we saw in 4 days most of the wonderful temples of Angkor and were knowledgeably supplied with the history and background of the place. The visits were very pleasant as Vivath is very serious and nice. I am happy I met him.

Christian MAGIS, France ― 12/24/2005