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Cambodia Bus Recently roads in Cambodia are completely restored; you will probably travel into and within Cambodia easily. The best way and cheap now is Public Limousine Bus services. There are several Limousine Bus Companies which are best for choosing your traveling within Cambodia. PSD Xpress Bus is the first choice with their qualified service and their station is big for guests who wait to travel. Within Cambodia and to Vietnam, Thailand, tickets are sold at town center of Phnom Penh Siem Reap Preah Sihanouk, Bangkok & Ho Chi Minh City. Other bus companies are competing for their good service as well such as​ City Link, Crystal Express, Mekong Expess Limousine Bus, Giant Ibis Transport, Ponleu Angkor Khmer Transport Company, Mey Hong, Seila Angkor Khmer, Rith Mony, Phnom Penh Sorya, Golden Bayon , Neak Krorhorm, Capitol, Larryta Express, Thero Express, Kim Seng Express, Virak Buntham... You will can book or buy bus tickets from any agencies in town center.

Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia

Cambodia has too much beauty on earth to discovery before die. Angkor Wat temple is in Siem Reap Cambodia the largest Hindu building that was established by human being.

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Phnom Kulen Cambodia

Cambodia Attractions

Cambodia lies on the peninsula of Indochina: to its North lie Thailand and Laos, and Vietnam lies to the east and south. The Khmer people occupy most of the regions...

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Sokha Hotel Phnom Penh Cambodia

Cambodia Hotels

Cambodia Hotels or Resorts below are guarantee lowest rates. Some are promotion, so that prices are reasonable. Cambodia did not have good accommodation options until...

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