Banteay Srei Cambodia

Banteay Srei Temple

"Citadel of The Women"

  • Date: Second half of the tenth century (967)
  • Reign of Construction: Rajendravarman II and Jayavarman V
  • Cult: Hinduism (dedicated to Çiva)
  • Clearance Work: H. Parmentier and V. Goloubew in 1924
  • Anastylosis: H. Marchal, 1931 to 1936

Background: Banteay Srei was built by Raja Guru Yajnavaraha for installation Linga "Tribhuvana Maheçvara" in the year 967. A special feature of the decoration was the use of a hard pink sandstone.

Architectural and decorative features are unique and fine. A tapestry like background of foliage covers the walls of the structures in the central group as if a deliberate attempt had been made to leave no space undecorated. The architecture is distinguished by superimposed pediments, motifs on the frames of the arches and standing figures in the niches. Panels are decorated with scenes inspired by Hindu epics.

It was discovered in 1914 by Lieutenant Marec and cleared by H. Parmentier and V. Goloubew in 1924; and carried out the anastylosis by H. Marchal in 1931 to 1936.

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