Bakong Temple Cambodia Temple

Bakong Temple

Kong of parternal ancestor

  • Date: Late ninth century (881)
  • Reign of construction: Indravarman I (877-889)
  • Cult: Brahmanism (Çivait) Devaraja Indreçvara
  • Clearance Work: H. Marchal, in 1936
  • Art Style: Preah Ko


Bakong was the central temple of the capital of Hariharalaya. It fulfilled for Hariharalaya the same role which the Bakheng played for Yaçodharapura. This monument shows the first type of plan of concentric enclosures, which, after the rectangular system. It is a Mount temple representing the cosmic Mount Meru. five levels leading to the central sanctury corresponds to the world of mythical


  • Nagas--layer
  • Garuda--layer
  • Raksasas--layer
  • Yaksas--layer
  • Maharajas--layer

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