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Angkor Thom City

Angkor ThomAngkor Thom: The "Great City". Quadrilatero 9km2 nearly surrounded by a wall and thin laterite 7m high, doubled over its entire length of a rise of average width of 80m at the base, which overcomes a way round practicable. Each of the four sides of the city, the cardinal points are marked by doors of entries whose face turns to announce the architectural treatment of the Bayon and those that are preceded by pavement-Dykes to the crossing of ditches, box large Naga. Four small temples arranged in four corners of the city on the way round just to finish this together. City center is the Bayon temple mountain where four blocks straight escape into the four cardinal directions, unfolding over 1500m by cutting the urban space into four equal quadrants and reach from the wall of pregnant at the door. It is within these quadrants that daily life was organized and that the different communities residing who constituted. If the implementation of Angkor Thom is original, its design is not that of a new town since a series of older monuments: the Phimeanakas, royal palace and its terraces, the Prasat Suor Prat, twelve temples laterites, and especially the mountain temple of Baphuon.


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