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ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours was founded in 2008 by CHHIM Vivath, who has worked as a qualified licensed tour guide in the tourism industry for the past 17 years. Licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours Co., Ltd. (Mot license #175/2015) is a member of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA), therefore allowing our visitors a more professional experience within the country.  You can officially book tours, & resorts, transportation, tour guide and many more activities for guests and you are able to search for Information & tips within Cambodia as well in Siem Reap Angkor Wat.

A professional inbound company, ASIA VIPA Travel & Tours also offers an extensive variety of  services to our valuable clients including tours that range from golf, to religious, adventure trekking, history and cultural, scenic country side viewing or specialized services. Visitors may also order a specialized itinerary up to the time of their trip departure.

Cambodia Tours

Cambodia has too much beauty on earth to discovery before die. Angkor Wat temple is in Siem Reap the largest Hindu building that was established by human being. This famous temple you must visit in a life time. And not only Angkor Wat Cambodia that you must visit, there are so many other famous temples in Siem Reap as well. Read More Cambodia Tours

Cambodia Tours

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Phnom Penh Tours

You would like to visit Cambodia included two Cambodia main destinations, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You will visit Phnom Penh city such as visit to Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Museum, Genocide Museum, Killing field, Udong Mountain. and other visit to Koh Datch Village for seeing the Khmer traditional silk product villages. Read More: Phnom Penh Tours

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